Blue and Yellow Baby Quilt

A dear friend of ours is expecting a baby boy this summer.  I just itched to make a baby quilt (of course)!  When looking at her registries I didn’t quite know what vibe they were going for.  So then I asked her for some input without giving away the gift. I’m sure she guessed though.  She sent me a picture of the awesome blue and yellow curtains they hung up and off I went!
carrie quilt frontI used the pattern Seeing Squares by Empty Bobbin.  Her pattern was very clear and informative.  (Quilting Adventures carries the pattern if you’re looking for it locally).  My only word of advice is make sure you have a true scant 1/4″ set up on your sewing machine!

carrie quilt back

I got a little too carried away with making the strips… I do enjoy making large baby quilts!  But since I decided (with advice) to make two borders I took off a strip to make it more square and put that strip on the back.  You know how I love making pieced backings!

carrie quilt signature

I inserted a signature block to personalize it.  I used a Sharpie fine point and it bled a little.  I much prefer Micron pens but didn’t have the right color on hand.  Plus I was working on a deadline to get it done for the shower! And speaking of the shower…. She and her mother were very moved by the gift. It’s hard to give quilts at showers sometimes because I don’t like the attention it draws to me.  But I love seeing the joy it brings someone to have a handmade, customized gift.  I can’t wait to see the little boy enjoy it!

carrie quilt pic

One more shot for fun.  My husband is such a good quilt holder. 🙂

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Day off ramblings

So I have had a few days off.  I love it.  But don’t get me wrong – I also love my job.  Update: I am an assistant manager at Quilting Adventures.  I’m also a teacher there. Actually I’m teaching tonight so maybe it’s not officially a day off. Whatever. 🙂

Yesterday’s day off involved going to the Outpost and Ellwood Thompson’s for organic/local veggies.  I also found some excellent personal products like henna!  So I went ahead and henna dyed my hair.  I got chestnut brown – which is apparently my natural hair color.  I just wanted to condition and refresh my hair.  I have a spray of gray hairs and I’m not self conscious about them necessarily… But what’s the harm in dyeing them a little, right?

This morning I was lazy!  I sat and stitched while watching a movie. It was great.  Then I journaled outside for a while.  Which was also wonderful.  These spring breezes make me so happy.  I love watching the birds – including our chickens.

One part of my journaling included a gratitude list so here that is:
– Creatures great and small – wild birds, our pup, our cats, our chickens, etc.
– Spring breezes and spring rains (don’t have to get out the watering can)
– Dinner at home with friends last night (chicken and veggie lime honey kabobs, black bean with corn salsa, cheese quesadillas (corn tortillas)
– Flowers blooming in the yard

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DC station

DC station by dawnkristal
DC station, a photo by dawnkristal on Flickr.

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Adorable reversible baby shoe!

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New Web Address!

It was going to happen sooner or later… And it was sooner! Please update your bookmarks or reader. It’s just that the ‘wordpress’ is gone.

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More scrap progress

Thanks for reading all those non-sewing posts. I do think I want this blog to be about a lot of aspects of my life. Let me know -do you like to read about gardening, pets, etc?
Okay. On to sewing news…
I have scrap- busted yet another full drawer! As you’ll learn I love to work with mostly batiks (which the first two drawers were full of). This third drawer was mostly prints… Results of samples I made for the quilt shop I used to work at. So, I wasn’t very excited… Until I got digging and cutting.
Lots of red, white, and black which I have already started playing with.20110512-010200.jpg

Here’s a picture of cut up scraps (2 1/2″ and 5″ squares mostly).  There’s tons of nice blues and greens ( can we say baby boy quilts!!).   And lots of strips to keep me busy on a string quilt…


And this is something I’ve made from my first round of scrap-busting.  I’ll add information about the quilt pattern soon.  This is a large wall-hanging made of almost entirely only my stash (I added one new fat quarter because I didn’t have many neutral scraps).  I still have to piece together the blocks and work on the border (it’ll be lots of tiny sawtooth stars).


Next I hope to fully organize my sewing room (enlisting the help from a very good friend)!

I think I’ll show you before and after photos.. You up for that?

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To the moms in my family

Joyce – there’s so much I could say. The ultimate thing I want to say though is “thank you!” We’ve been through a lot and I’m so proud of us. Thank you for all you’ve taught me. Also I’m sorry I was such a tough teenager… I love you mama!

Grandma McKelvey – you are no longer with us but you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for raising my Dad. I think you did a good darn job. Thank you for teaching me so many card games and listening to me plunk along on your piano.

Gale Hood – where to begin? It was by chance in a way that we came together those years ago. We aren’t officially related but youve always made feel like a part of your family. Thank you so very much for everything you’ve taught me – piano, gardening, cooking, manners, multiplication and so much more. And thank you a million times over for hosting our wedding!

Grandma Blake – thank you for accepting me into your family so openly. I feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful family. You are a very admirable mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Michal Evens – more family I’m so lucky to be a part of. Thank you for raising such a caring, smart son. I wish y’all lived closer but i always loving getting to know you more and more each time i see you. You still have to teach me how to make you’re famous rolls!

Martha White – your son Toby is so adorable. You are a wonderful mother and sister-in-law.

To all the mothers out there keep up the hard work. I hope to join your honorable ranks someday!

I’ll add photos soon. 🙂

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